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Friday, March 1, 2013

Living Creatively, and the Power of Listening

Reflecting.  Photo by Kyla
So here we are. Some say the Great Age has turned. Some expected that turning to show up in ways it has not. What has changed? We haven't magically entered some era of everything-is-suddenly-okay, nor have we blown up in some final devastation. We can rule those two scenarios out for the moment. But, has something changed? How does it feel for you? Here we are, almost into Spring. What is this time about for us now? What might be getting born?

Many of us are finding ourselves being retrained - if you credit the view that our lives take place within a greater arena of Being. (Whether literally true or not, it is a useful point of view in these circumstances.) There is a sense that we are in unknown territory. For some, there is an exhileration in that. For some it feels like certain problems are simply getting worse and much seems impossible to handle. Some of us spend time in both of those states. Wherever you find yourself on that scale, for all of us this time is a real creativity soup. We're in a sort of chaos out of which anything might be coaxed into life. Or spring forth full-grown when its time arrives.

Maybe we are all falling apart together. Is that scary? Is that inspiring? What's falling apart? and what is being uncovered, in the process? How can we live from our creative spark?

I am aware that there are a number of well-developed theories, or descriptions, out there, about the nature of this time we are living through, and what it means for us individually. I have no interest in engaging at that level of theory. I am interested in what it's like right now, on the ground, for you and for me. What are we dealing with and how are we faring?

Regardless of what somebody outside has to say about it, what's it like inside? How does it feel? And, what do we really need in order to thrive here? These are exactly the right conditions for creativity to flourish. So how might we engage with that harmoniously and productively?

Over my life (64 years this coming summer) I've walked a lot of trails, made a lot of mistakes, failed at many things. The successes I've had have never come in any form I could have expected. I have trained hard for this time, as I know you have also (if you're still here, you've trained hard for it, trust me on this.) Many people doubt their own creativity. We have the idea that unless we paint pictures or write poems or novels, or act or make songs, we aren't creative.

I'm here to tell you that everyone is creative. You are a creative being and there's much you have to share with the rest of us once that creative spark finds its way to expression.

One of the things I've had lots of training in is listening. For example, once I trained to be a teacher in a particular spiritual school (a school of awakening called Waking Down, founded by Saniel Bonder) and during that training I clocked over one thousand volunteer hours on the phone, just listening to people talk through their process, and holding space for them. (I did become a teacher, but found I could not sustain the connection with the group for a number of practical reasons, so I left.)

At different times I've charged for the service of counseling over the phone, ranging from $50 to $150 an hour, depending on the circumstances. I have never built a practice because my life (training!) has repeatedly demanded other focuses from me.

I am not a psychic reader, nor am I a psychotherapist. But I can listen. Sometimes it really helps to be fully heard, unconditionally listened to.

I am now offering the service of Creative Listening. Because I know our financial well being is challenged more than in many other times, I'm offering this for donations only. I do suggest a minimum donation of $33.00 for an hour. I may offer suggestions, or I may only be able to hold space for you, but if you feel the need to be heard, please email me for an appointment. I can be reached at kylaluaz at gmail dot com. 

Please share the link to this blog with others.

I'll be posting articles Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for now. Working on some other projects, to be announced.

Be well this day.


  1. Listening, and being listened to, are both very powerful. I think it's the bottom line of why and how most relationships break down.

    Wishing you the best with this endeavor <3

    1. Hey, Mrs F. Thank you. And I agree.