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Monday, April 15, 2013

Making Sense From The Heart

Reach.  Photo by Kyla
"Making sense" means "cause to perceive." If I don't make sense to you, you don't perceive my meaning. I fail to reach you, to connect.

I've always loved words and the grammatical structure that holds them together, so that we can make sense to each other. Even though we perceive with our senses, the phrase "making sense" often implies "speaking rationally" in a way that can be recognized by the listener as, well, sensible.

Working on this post has led me to explore the etymology of the phrase "making sense", the use of the memory palace, and various other mildly intellectual byways. I am filled with ideas today! But putting too much of my attention in that realm leaves me feeling dessicated, fragmented.

I have to go back and find where my heart was, while I was off mentally exploring.

I really don't want to talk to you from that place of the mind, without the heart fueling the message. And today, my heart is in one of those depth places that the mind has a hell of a time making any sense of. One of those zones that is right off the map.

This is fine with me; as a matter of fact I quite like it. It always involves an investigation of Being that can be very juicy and eventually even make some sense. Depth is homeground and not a sad place at all. And ultimately, it is the Organizing Principle of whatever my mental activity may gather together.

Before the internet showed up, I used to fantasize, or perhaps remember, a time when we could all perceive the Web of Being, I called it. We could sense the strands of Being in which we are immersed. We could send our awareness out upon the strands of that Web, and communicate with each other even across great physical distances.

Fancy that! My imaginal web, though, needed only the technology of our own Awake bodies, hearts, and minds. We didn't need the crutch of all this equipment, in my fantasy. Because my picture involved fundamental empathy, this issue of the heart/mind split would not arise.

Communication would be complete, and accurate. Making sense would not be a problem.

I still have the feeling that the internet is like training wheels for that other condition.

A condition of flight. In order for us to fly, the heart must be Awake. Nothing else makes sense.


I am posting an edit and addendum to this blog entry because I have just learned that as I was posting it, there was a bomb attack on the Boston Marathon, with 2 fatalities and many injured. I am now understanding more about the depth place my heart was wandering in, because for some of us these events have a psychic impact, sometimes even prior to the actual occurrence.

I am sending prayers for peace, healing, and strength to all who have been impacted. Stand strong in your  True Hearts, and do not let panic overrun your senses.

It is up to us to Make Sense in our world. We do have what it takes.

Stand strong. Be Peace.

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