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Friday, June 28, 2013

Casting it on the Waters: Part IV

And here we are.  Collage by Kyla
(This is the final post in this series, Casting it on the Waters. If you are new to the blog, for background you may want to read Part I, Part II, and Part III in this series.)

Let's imagine again this vast sea of data, which we now know for certain is being collected by our government, from all our personal emails and phone calls. Let's imagine it as a sort of terrain, a terrain that is being mapped quite thoroughly. Even though this terrain is mobile, since all its bits and parts are us and we are mobile, the patterns within that mobility have now been mapped and are constantly being observed.

So imagine then that there are numerous technologies being applied, to exert control over this mobile terrain of our lives, our choices, our day to day and moment to moment processes of living.

How does an individual exit from the grasp of that control? Because as you probably gather, it is both pervasive and often quite subtle.

There is a remedy.

The remedy is not what you might expect. It has nothing to do either with hiding out, or with trying to be somehow different from what you observe most people being and doing (so as not to be at the effect of whatever is motivating them).

The remedy is simple and not easy. It involves becoming ever more alert to the contents of your own mind. It involves learning, in great clear precision, how your own mental processes work. Getting very familiar with the thought streams and emotional patterns you embody.

As you do this you can begin to notice that some of what goes on in there is not really you. Jingles running through your mind? Repetitive chit-chat? Fierce urge to consume a food or other substance, or take some action, that you know on reflection won't make you feel good? Is that you? It might not be.

To the extent you can train yourself to get quiet, to witness, you can begin to discern what is your own material, cleanly present from your own lifestream, and what is alien to that.  Your own material can and does include much that is unhealthy and in need of help, no doubt - so it is for all of us imperfect creatures. But that's not the measure. The measure is your own sense of what is YOU and what is not. The measure is to discern what has some of the life of your heart animating it, and what lacks that life signature.

After a while, you can even begin to sense that a lot of the inserted material (for that is what it is) has a kind of mechanical flavor to it. It may even come with physical sensations that are unpleasant, ranging from mild discomfort to truly painful electrical-feeling spasms.

You can begin, as you claim your own Being, to evict this stuff. You can become able to do more and more of that with practice.

As you have the sense of who and what you are, in your own self, you become less and less at the mercy of the pressures of the controlling manipulative processes which are informed by the invasive mapping of our collective human mind.

I am speaking here from direct, ongoing personal experience. If I can do these things, you can too. I am not any more special or equipped to face this messy old world than any one of you. But I do know now how to recognize inserted thought streams and manipulated emotional patterns, and I know that I have the ability to shut that shit down. Sometimes it takes a tremendous effort. Sometimes, in the individual instance, I don't seem to have what it takes. But overall, yeah, I can do it. I do it. So that means you can do it also. (The two meditation scripts I've posted, for core strengthening and for clearing, are directly supportive of this liberating process I'm describing here.)

The more of us who win our way free to any extent, the easier it is for still more to do so, because the mapping itself becomes less and less useful as a basis for control. Even as data continues to be gathered, it becomes less relevant because genuine human creativity is simply not that predictable based upon past behaviors.

Creativity is the remedy. But it has to be the real stuff; not effortful cleverness but that spirit of Divine Play that we all receive as our birthright and which generally gets profoundly suppressed before we reach puberty, at least in most of us. If it survives that long, the world of work chains down the rest of it.

It can't really be killed, though. That's our secret strength, we humans, we 99%. If we can remember that, and have the discipline to fortify that in ourselves, we'll remember how to claim our wings.

Now, everybody try flying.

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