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Monday, June 10, 2013

II: Meditation to Strengthen Your Core

Expand.  Photo by Kyla
(This is the second in a series of meditation scripts you may use and share freely. Please take what resonates and discard the rest. Offered in service to your liberation.)

Meditation to Strengthen Your Core
Imagine a starlike point of light in the center of a disc positioned horizontally one foot beneath your feet. This star point glows with a brilliant golden light.

Imagine also a starlike point of light in the center of a similar disc positioned horizontally three feet above your head. This star point also glows with a brilliant, pale golden light, a light that hints at rainbow irridescence.

On an inbreath, see both starlike points brighten and send a stream of light, one from above, one from below, to meet in your chest at the level of your thymus gland, the 8th chakra known also as the high heart.

As these streams of light converge there, see a third starlike point at the high heart begin to brighten. It is brilliant silver with a blue blush.

Breathe in for a few breaths, and allow this light to continue to brighten, and then, on an outbreath, see that palest silver blue light emerge to form a cylinder around your body, filling in the space between the two discs. These discs and the cylinder are about four feet in diameter, a comfortable space around your entire body.

On each inbreath, the light brightens. On each outbreath, the cylinder becomes more solid, and it spins counterclockwise.

On another outbreath, see a stream of light descending down from your lower disc, all the way into the brilliant core of the Earth, where there is a gate to the Heart of the Universe.

On an inbreath, see that stream of light return upward to you, an everflowing stream now, filling your cylinder with even stronger light, of a pale silver color.

On an outbreath allow that stream to emerge from the top of your head and stream forth into the Heart of the Universe in the depths of space.

Allow this stream of light to circle around and return to the Earthcore, then up through your body, then back out to the Heart of the Universe.  Breathe with this macrocosmic orbit for as long as it feels right to you.

Notice now that your spinal column, your central energetic core, is becoming brighter and brighter. It begins to sparkle, taking on a diamond irridescence. With each breath, as this light continues to fill your body at all levels, your central column becomes stronger and stronger. Your seven bodily chakras are filling with this light, their colors becoming infused with the opalescence of radiance. Their balance, degree of openness, and alignment are all adjusted to an optimum setting, as you continue to breathe with this current of light.

When you wish to strengthen this current, you simply inhale while imagining light continuing to flow into your body from the star in the disc below your feet and from the star in the disc above your head, simultaneously. Hold the breath at the top of the inhale to pump this further.

On an outbreath, if you choose, you can spin your field wider, and clear out any debris or residue from tiredness, illness, or field reversals you may have encountered. Ask that these be removed through an exit portal in a location you have specified. Remember to close the portal when the debris has been removed.

Continue to breathe with this current for as long as you wish. There is no wrong way to do this. The more you do it, the stronger your light will become. The more you do it, the more this set of frequencies will become yours, and will work subtly to repair damage to your energy bodies.

Do not worry if you can't imagine or see the colors or shapes as described. Simply intend for them to be there.

Be strengthened and at peace.


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