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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Two Poems

Sparkles of a different kind. Photo by Kyla
In the writers forum, there is a game in the poetry section, where one person will write a poem and then call out a word from the theme of that poem to be the subject of the following poem. A recent word was "sparks" so I wrote this:


I once watched
thousands of them

flash patterns that were
surely code,
coordinated, wise.

Another time and place,
I saw multitudes 
in nightly silent slow explosions
but then that leafy home

got cut down.

Just now there came a few
outside my window.

ere a spark, there....
Not enough to speak

their lightsong of thousands,
enough to remind
but not enough
to dance.

Gold. Photo by Kyla

I had thought that was the word that was "up" to be played on, but when I went to post I saw that someone else had already written the "sparks" poem and left the next word, which was "pollen".

So I wrote this one:

seasons us,
its quiet sift
so all is fertile
the whole world
breathes birth
no escape
from this gold dust


  1. I like these! And I can so relate to the pollen one! It's really pretty.

  2. Lovely poems! Exquisite photos! You have a wonderful talent!

    1. Oh Gail, what a nice compliment. Especially from one so talented and skilled as yourself.