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Friday, July 12, 2013

Torture: Never a Good Reason.

Medicine. Photo by Kyla
Dear Readers,

There are so many grievous wrongs in our world, being perpetrated at this very moment, it can overwhelm even the best and strongest conscience. What to do? What to address? What to speak out about? What to let go, because one individual simply cannot respond to all of it?

These are not easy questions and they are ones I continue to ask of my own conscience.

This blog is meant to be a vehicle for the kind of inspiration that can support the activating and the further awakening of human freedom and the creative spirit that lives in all of us. I believe that it is only with a healthy, resilient, and vibrant creative spirit, alive in many many individuals, that we can hope for any real healing of social and global problems. I seek a moveable focus in my writing, and do not intend to narrow that to any sort of activism as it is curently defined.

However, the ongoing situation at Guantanamo Cuba, and my nation's continuing imprisonment and torture of individuals whose crimes are unproven at best, cries out for attention. When the hunger strike began, my own soul began to cry out for a remedy for these prisoners. This situation is wrong and must not continue unopposed. Forcefeeding is torture. Torture is wrong.

A friend of mine has begun a blog in order to speak out about these egregious human rights violations being perpetrated in our names. That blog is in my list of blog friends at the bottom of these pages, but here is the direct link to First They Came For The Communists.  I encourage you to read and share her first articles, as they give a crystal clear background and picture of what is being done in our names and which I cannot hold silent about here.

One of the purposes of the mind controlling procedures and intrusions I've been speaking to is to turn our awareness away from these difficult situations so as to allow them to go on without objection or interference of human conscience.

I would like to share here this short quote from the recent Popular Science article The Deadly Science of Forcefeeding:

“There are a lot of potential complications, including pneumonia and respiratory failure,” Justin Sewell, an assistant clinical professor at the UCSF School of Medicine, says.

Such complications are rare. Nevertheless, at least three major medical associations consider force-feeding a violation of international medical ethics. Yet of the 166 detainees at Guantanamo Bay--106 of whom are on hunger strike to protest prison conditions--45 are currently being force-fed. Four of those detainees are protesting the continuation of the procedure into Ramadan.

What is happening in Guantanamo is wrong. May enough voices be raised against it that this toxic sickness of inhumanity spreads no further, and ceases to be.


  1. My turn to say thanks! Kyla, bless you for a lovely signal boost, and the vote of confidence. Even more, for adding your voice to what I hope will be a constantly swelling wave.


    1. Oh, you are more than welcome. I was initially going to send you the link to that article, and then I thought better of it and decided to write this post. It is time for this situation to end. We were given a campaign promise to that effect when our current President was first elected; that that promise was not kept was the thing that broke what remaining confidence I had in his ability to lead any significant change.

      Such change is going to have to arise from a deeper place in humanity. Let's hope it comes swiftly.

  2. Hear! Hear! Well said, Kyla. If people, the world over, had not spoken up against the evil of Apartheid, where would South Africa be now? Not in a good place, I'm sure.

    1. Thanks, Gail. The more I look at what brings change, the more convinced I am that the only place it really emerges from is the collective mind and heart. In other words, us. Not governments, but human beings rising up to behave differently than they have, and yes, speaking out for what is right and against what is a violation of our basic humanity.