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Friday, September 6, 2013

I Do Not Consent to War

Seek Clarity. Photo by Kyla
If I have ever in any time or space consented to military aggression, I now revoke that consent. I claim a sovereign space in this Universe for those of us who desire and honor peace and freedom, and the truth necessary to sustain those conditions.

In this instance, I am speaking about Syria, and the US planning some kind of military strike, purportedly to "punish" the regime for using chemical weapons.

There are so many things wrong with this scenario my mind boggles. My very first thought when the US President proposed this action as a corrective measure was to ask, 'And, how well did that work out for you the last time, and the time before that, and before that, and....?' And then after that thought registered, it became necessary to take into account the hidden reasons for such an act of war, none of which have to do with helping the Syrian people, or you, or me.

For one thing, the ingredients for any chemical weapons were sold to Assad by the UK, quite a while ago but, please note, after the rebellion was underway.

Punitive airstrikes are clearly intended for some other purpose than to stop destruction and suffering. Hello? How much mental dulling has it taken that anyone still buys that idea, the idea that this would somehow be a humanitarian act on the part of the US, and somehow benefit the people who are being repressed and perhaps poisoned?

I hear faint echoes now, whispers of Hitler, camps, World War II - yet the differences, on the human level, are quite clear. As a matter of fact, WWII memories are, I maintain, being deliberately invoked, repeatedly over the years, to justify continuing war which only benefits the corporations. No one else benefits, ever. The fact that the US began publically considering an airstrike on the anniversary of the attack that began WWII is an interesting coincidence. I have recently heard Jesse Ventura quoted as having said "All wars begin with a false flag event." Have a look. See what you find. Don't buy the line.

If you are a US resident and are moved, as I am, to register your voice in opposition to this course, here is a very clear set of instructions for how to reach your representatives.

Here is a good summary of the reasons why striking Syria is not a good idea, by Stephen Zunes.

It will be interesting to watch how much of this becomes apparent to those for whom the acts and decisions of the corporate government have not come into question before. It will be interesting to see how much of the program has crumbled and how much is still effectively in place.

Whatever occurs next, in Syria, I take this moment as a wake-up call, to all of us. We can assert our right to a peaceful world, but in order to do that we have to pay attention, wake up, and stay awake. We have to learn something about the forces that are arrayed all around and within us which would keep us sleeping and docile.

We have to decide if we are willing to be livestock for the boss, or not.

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