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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Turn Turn Again

Knows where to turn. Photo by Kyla
Ever reach a moment where the results and failures, highs and lows, fallout and feedback from everything previously done or tried all seem to converge at once? And there you are.

It's like reaching a peak, looking over the next section of terrain, and realizing that it is unlike anything you've yet seen and your clothes and equipment are all wrong for what's coming.

This kind of moment has peppered my life journey but lately such moments seem to be arriving closer and closer together.

More maps are available; more keep emerging: Teachings, methods, pathways, systems, approaches, schools, "tools" and techniques for doing this or that or a combination to yourself, your body, your life, your soul. I find fewer and fewer of them speak to me, or fit anything I am actually facing. Yet I see around me, and out in the larger world, what appears to be tremendous need. I hope all these systems and teachings are helping greatly. Over time I have benefitted from many of them, so I ask myself, what might I do here? After all that's happened, what's mine to give to this? So far, writing these blog posts seems the best way for me to offer anything out into the raw swirl of this planet's journey.

If anyone reading this has anything to share about such passages, or feel you are in one yourself, I would love to hear from you. You can email me directly at kylaluaz at gmail.

Meanwhile, there are a few basics that never seem to become irrelevant no matter where the journey leads.

Breathing, staying conscious of that, is a basic. Yeah, I know we all breathe, duh. But I mean just stopping and letting the breath take center stage for a while. That's always very supportive, whatever else is going on.

Staying alert and awake is another one. Actually, this is beginning to seem to be the point of the entire exercise, the entire journey. That quality of aware awakeness all around and within oneself, not going numb to any of it but letting it build with experience rather than being shocked into coma or dullness.

Now time is another basic. Now time, also sometimes called "no time." Just now, no memories, plans, or worries, just the body awake here now. How does that feel? And that? And the next?

And there are animals. What they know. How they are aware still in ways we are not. And how they are still.

When it's all most confusing, noticing the animals around you and how they behave can be very clarifying. Much is going on invisible to us, but animals have always perceived while we've been dozing here. They've been trying to tell us many things.

I am listening.


  1. Thank you Kyla for these great reminders !
    Your photo is amazing...I live with an amazing animal too...and I am grateful every day for her ....here is a pic of her...hope it comes thru...take care my dear...love you.


    1. Thanks for your comment. One of the things I most appreciate about animal communication is how so often they can let us know when something is going wrong, or when there is danger. I'm thinking, for instance, of earthquakes and tsunamis, it seems the animals always know in advance!

      Take care and thanks for reading ETF.