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Saturday, November 30, 2013

What Feeds You?

Pepper. Photo by Kyla
My USA readers will likely know why the subject of food is on my mind, since we've just passed through our yearly ritual of overeating that we call "Thanksgiving."

This year I participated and did overeat a little but not too much, and really there's nothing wrong with that; it's an enjoyable thing to do from time to time when abundance of food is present.

I'm thinking also of other kinds of nourishment, and how the physical food tends to be used to replace subtler flows of sustenance that are absent in a person's life. I am coming to the conclusion that overeating as a habit, and all other addictions to substance and activity, can be sourced in a lack of genuine nourishment.

As I was receiving this insight this morning, I had a flash of an image of crowds of human beings, their "spiritual receptor sites" (for lack of a more precise term) all visible, and all disconnected. Some of the receptor sites were not only disconnected, but were damaged, plugged up, or incorrectly "wired" into the human energy body.

In this flash of image, I saw these crowds of people, all wandering or rushing around, each seeking something that would satisfy the hunger.  I felt a pang of sorrow, and the vision had a real tone of "Ah-ha!" to it.  It rings true still.

Humans are hungry beasts, but why are we all so hungry?

Some of us feel this hunger sharply and desperately, some only feel it subtly and indistinctly, but all feel it to some extent, and much of our driven, unconscious and semi-conscious behavior is rooted in this pervasive feeling of lack.

Many of us tend to work with this as a normal quality of the human condition, and we learn ways to manage our sense of need that is not obviously damaging to our lives. Others of us are more driven and less able or willing to care about damage, inflicting it on self and others with abandon.

My conclusion, to draw it further, is that if there is a sense and feeling of lack, no matter how pervasive and established it be, this means there is something that is meant to be filling that hole, to be satisfying that need, that need for connection, peace, well-being.

And for myself, I have to say it is clear that to the degree I am feeling connected spiritually, I have less of this hunger, this need to find something to consume, to bring in to my sensorium, something that will allow me to experience peace and wellbeing and fullness.

As a matter of fact there are times when it becomes difficult to eat much physical food, because it seems there is no need at all.

I like the notion of keeping some of this in mind, as a way of checking in about my degree of connection, and also as a way of testing my urges and desires. Are they genuine? Is it really "that thing" that I want?" Or am I looking for a replacement feed?

Food. Photo by Kyla
The problem with replacement feeds, with addictions, with eating or drinking or any other replacement, is that they do not satisfy. Any addict knows that the itch is scratched for only so long and then you have to go searching for more.

We can stop this, if we want to. I don't mean it is easy or would be quick, and I am not judging those of us who are, carefully balanced or not, working with a system of replacement feeds. I used to be a smoker -- a heavy smoker -- and I also used to drink and eat to excess. I know what that feels like and I also know that if I had not had some access to genuine nourishment, by the grace of whatever agency granted me access, I would never have been able to adjust any of those behaviors.

And I am also still involved in use of replacement feeds, because I too possess misaligned, broken, and plugged up spiritual receptor sites. We live in a world where this is the norm, after all, and where the complete correction and healing of this brokenness is not yet done. In my heart I believe it is underway for all of us, and in my life I know it is.

I would like to warn all of us to be alert for false nourishment, be alert for those forces which would "hook you up" to a feedline that initially feels good but eventually robs you of lifeforce. I would like this to be healed, for all of us.

Have a care, my friends, what you allow in to your bodies and your beings.

May we be mindful.

May we be well.


  1. I think consistent and long-term overindulgences of any kind - food, sex, alcohol, drugs etc - all have their source in pain. It could be physical pain or mental pain. Physical pain sources are usually fairly evident. Mental pain sources are often more difficult to uncover because those pain sources are as individual as we are. What causes me pain will not bother you one bit and what causes you pain will not bother me one bit.

    1. Linnea, I agree with that. Pain is definitely at the root and it is certainly the case that we are unique in invidual causes of pain.... I am positing a source of pain that is collective, and shared. Perhaps related intimately with all those individual pain causes. I believe it is, really.

      I also agree that a tremendous amount of this is terribly difficult to uncover! It is sooooo much easier to soothe oneself with a palliative or to continue in an addictive pattern.

      My own experience is that when there is a genuine source of nourishment that eases some of the pain, letting go of an indulgence or addicitive pattern becomes possible, easier, and ultimately the substitute becomes simply unappealing. It's all complicated by living in a world where so much psychological pressure is directed toward keeping consumption going.

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    1. (((Hugs)))) Mrs F! for typing that one-handed as you are. :D And, thanks!