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Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's Just Skip January, Shall We?

Almost. Photo by Kyla
I'd like to do this every year. After the winter holidays, however they're celebrated or whether they are or not, it seems to take an entire month to begin to move into the next year's sense of ongoingness.

For me, it takes a month.

And that seems even more true this year.

The sensation of everything at once undergoing deep change has only intensified. A friend was telling a dream in which "worlds and heads were shaking" and I could really relate even though I have not felt that physically, even in a dream. But somehow it seemed an accurate statement about how things are now.

Do you feel your life vibrating with changing currents, conditions, events? Does it sometimes feel like it's about to shudder off its tracks?

I'm finding, though, that in all the shaking up of things there is also a clarity beginning to emerge. While so much shifting and disturbance is going on, certain values and intentions begin to shine forth as unshakeable, or at least, not shakeable in this particular storm.

These give something to go forward with. I have had to wait, for enough of them to emerge in that clarity, but it feels like now, as the month is about to turn, that it is time.

Almost time. Time for what remains to be seen, but time for a new direction of some kind, for new projects to be seeded, in this life of mine anyway.

Interestingly this coincides with the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse. Both the element Wood and the animal Horse have characteristics of movement and growth.

As someone who has always been personally concerned with social justice, with environmental protection and conservation, with human and animal rights, I have had to come to terms with the apparent worsening of all those conditions, in spite of all the heart and energy that has gone toward improving them.

I know there are people who will argue that there is no such worsening; that in fact things have improved, are improving. So I have to acknowledge that my view may somehow be skewed. But I am very far from convinced.

Regardless, the values that have prompted me to live with those issues always in mind, and with commitment to contributing to positive change, have been deeply tested this past year.

I can say now that these values are still alive, present, and primary in my decisions. This is something I find personally reassuring, in the face of much chaos and uncertainty. It offers me a kind of strength in a time when I need strength.

I also can say that because of all the shaking going on, it has become less possible to go off half cocked, to take steps and action out of some incomplete or semi-conscious assessment of circumstances. Only that which is really grounded in my genuine values can manage to stand up and walk. Everything else crumbles and falls rather quickly.

This is a good thing, I think. I have no idea if others are experiencing anything like this, but I would love to hear, if you are, or if you are not.

Be well, and may many good things emerge with the Wood Horse.

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